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The Crystal Clear Top Coat

I came into the world of crystals by way of an expert. Each crystal was a friend she knew by heart – name, properties and healing powers.

 In my crystal journey, I’ve met others who seem to think I AM an expert, asking ME questions.. uhh :/ 

 I felt like there was so much to know about crystals that I would never reach. No matter how much I learned, I placed myself in a box and an imposter syndrome took over me.

But I’ve come to find, especially in healing practices, that things need to be taken one step at a time, without judgment, guilt or shame!

If you know me, you know that nail polish holds a big importance in my life. So I brought my practice of crystals into my life of nail polish and here’s what happened…

Meditate & Manicure!

Using Clear Quartz Crystal - The MASTER crystal

I developed a top coat infused with crystals chips meant to coat your nails and seal your thoughts. It also comes with a free crystal! Eeek!

If you paint your nails, you have time to meditate. Use that drying time to sit still. Take deep breaths while sitting. Holding your crystal, reciting your affirmation, you can manifest anything you want in life!

The clear quartz crystal is great to carry with you daily because of the energy it radiates, and the overall balancing effect it has on our bodies and minds.

The constant contact with your crystal makes for a stronger connection between you and your stone. It also makes you more aware of its energy and more receptive to its qualities.

By carrying it in your pocket, you can have regular access to them all-day-long. This is great if you feel the need to slow down and center yourself. The physical existence of it in your possession can be used to keep track of your intentions. They act as a tangible focal point for you to stay mindful throughout the day.

So go on, take this as a sign! Purchase our Crystal Clear Top Coat here! And receive your crystal! Or you can purchase the Mini Clear Quartz here 


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