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Should you bring your own polish to the salon?

Bringing your own polish to the salon should really become a “thing”.

In this day and age, the uncertainty of our health can quickly go from a state of bliss to paranoia! It seems like our health is being provoked every time we blink! If we aren’t fighting Covid and all it’s variations, we’re battling monkey pox. What’s next ?!


We should honestly leave no room for error or at least try!

 So will using your own nail polish decrease your chances of contracting any of these belligerent viruses ?

 Without question it’s just safer! Although, the chemical make up of nail polish makes bacteria nearly impossible to survive, the brush is where the odds can be beat !

 If your brush is exposed to contaminants, you may be putting yourself at a higher risk!

We’d say just use your own.

If you’re still not convinced here are some other reasons! (I’m not sure how tough my audience is yet!)

  1. Salons often times water down nail polish with acetone when it’s getting empty, used frequently and became clumpy, or old.
  2. You get to choose the color you want and not relay on the salons collection.
  3. Easy on the go touch-ups since you’ll have the polish handy.
  4. The perfect opportunity to support our small brand.

 The real question is why aren’t you bringing your own nail polish to the salon?



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  • Great read and I will take your advice and bring my top by law with me when I get a manicure

    Michael Taffe on

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