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Friend of an indie brand owner?

What’s an Indie brand anyway?

An indie brand is an independently owned and operated company doing something unique. Could be a spin on modern day designs, clean ingredients, a new category, or any brand navigating their way through their industry determined to make an impact. It is founder owned and operated. Your entrepreneur friend is most likely an indie brand owner.


How can we maximize our support at our indie brand owner (friend) pop-ups?


Let’s first discuss the “why”  


Most times, our indie brand owner friend company is e-commence. Pop-ups are great for in person contact, so customers can meet the person behind the brand. However, Pop-ups are nerve racking! To say the least.


Drake fan? Even he touched on the beginning stages.

Song: Too much

Verse: “Backstage at Warehouse in ’09 like is bun coming? F**K that, is anyone coming? ‘fore I show up there and there’s no one there”

Drake is referring to one of his first live performances and is worrying about no one showing up to his show. Guess what? So is your friend! They are worried they’ll be sitting behind their table of goodies all alone. Forget the time and money wasted, but the embarrassment and self-pity they may experience is even worst.


Let's not only show up but let’s maximize our support and here’s how!


1. Come out early.

Pop-ups are like parties. Should be fun and filled with good energy. But here’s the thing, a lot of times no one wants to be the first one there. “I'm not starting the party” - But as a friend YOU SHOULD! For the brand owner a slow start could lead to anxiety. Seeing a friend come over and making that first sale boosts their mood tremendously and gets them on a great start.


2. Hang out around the table.

Try to not be a distraction to your friend where you guys get into deep personal conversations. Instead, take this opportunity to learn about your friend brand, explore all the products, touching them and asking questions, this draws the attention of other shoppers and gives the appearance that there’s something interesting at this table they should see as well! You may have helped with a new sale!


3. Allow them to attend to new customers first.

You can wait! Most times, it's a one person show, so when a crowd builds around the table, imagine your friend is working under pressure. Trying to make good impressions and long lasting relationships. This can be hard while chasing all sales at the table. Allow your friend to make a new connection. People attention span are sometimes short and a potential new customer may walk away.  


4. Make their promotional products visible.

Whether your friend placed their logo on their shopping bags, handed out business cards/ flyers, or simply carrying the product. Don’t just dump everything in your purse right away. Walk around with it! Show everyone what you got. You’re now a walking billboard for your friend.


5. Repost you friend flyer before and during the pop up.

 I know I know! It may not go with your ig page aesthetic, but how about a story post? Can they have 24 hrs of your social media time? You never know which of your friends are looking for something to do that day or may find the outing you’re attending interesting.


One thing to keep in mind while supporting a friend: One day you may start something of your own and would love this support in return.

Entrepreneurs are good at remembering who supported them!


If you’re an entrepreneur, you should share this blog with your friends. Your friends may think they’re already supporting you but here’s some tips on how you would like to be supported, they may not know! Help them to help you!




                                                                                   Thank you Beauty-in-Laws!

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