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The Boys Are Doing A Thing!

Could “Malepolish” be making a comeback?

Wait, am I sensing you didn’t know nail polish's origin was one of which males wore it unquestionably? 

 Years ago, nail polish was used to show social class. As with many things, that idea slowly dissipated and became of thing of the past, but is now coming back with a vengeance.

As we soar into the abrasive decline on gender stereotypes, more and more male-identifying people are exploring the idea of "menicures". Gen Z has entered the chat with a low judgmental aura which will not be easily shaken. 


From celebs to your local barista, there are a number of reasons why men are choosing to wear nail polish and it’s not all surrounded around expressing their gender fluidly. Men are merely grooming and practicing self care.

 In a female dominated industry, nail polish has been targeted towards women for years but there's a  world of male patrons  that  aren’t waiting to be solicited!

 So bring it on in men! There’s a seat at the table for you! 

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  • Love It!

    Sandra on
  • Love it and LOVE seeing everyone express themselves!!

    Marissa on
  • Great to see people expressing themselves!

    Naomi on

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