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Your spiritual guide to choosing the right nail color


Ok it’s not really a “spiritual guide” but the point is: trust us! 
With a million hues out there, we tend to only focus on the colors we know. At some point we find what
works for us and we don’t venture out anymore. 
...But what if there is a color out there waiting to be discovered...
The color you need but you weren’t given any reason to try yet. 
Here at LAW Beauty Essentials, we make all our products for a purpose - each carefully crafted and fulfilling what we can’t find out on the market.
 We’ve already done the work, so let us be your guide to finding the polish of your dreams.

#1 The Lightest Gray 
Your ride or die, the all-season, a polish that POPS!
The sister of a brilliant white polish, this Lightest Gray shines in the summer and takes over in winter when a white polish simply won’t do. 

#2 Mocha-Hontas & Pampered All Day
Many nudes are too good for their own good. Nude polish verging on skin tone is wayyy too close for comfort...
Mocha-Hontas and Pampered All Day are nudes with a hint of pink and gray that natural melanin enzymes in the body don’t have so they are sure to stand out while still offering the nude you need!

#3 Galatic Girl 
Dark colors are not only for “bad asses” and “gothics”.  Sometimes you want a deep color that isn’t black! This color is pigment to the max, it looks exactly the same on your nails as what you see in the bottle - including the shimmer! 
-noticeable shimmer –
Colors like these are great to step out the box with while deep purples are the perfect match to any outfit!

#4 Champion Girl 
This one bottle of polish has quite the resume! Wear two coats alone for a professional shine, one coat over a black base for a metallic snakeskin look, with white for a day time glow or with one coat over your French tips for a gold brushed look. Champion Girl adds a simple shimmer that is the perfect addition to your collection giving the basics a revised look.

#5 Fuchsia Tips
Talk about ENERGY! This is not for the faint of heart! We are meant to stand out and this color brings all the attention. Perfect for the bold & the daring, Fuchsia Tips is for when you are feeling yourself!

Choosing a nail color should be fun and exciting but somehow turns into something daunting for over thinkers. (Why am I like this?) 

Hope this guide helps and encourages you to try something new! 
All colors available on our website, I have faith in you that you’ll step out the box and let the nail polish gods guide you! 

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